Basic Rules

There are no formal rules.

Or rather those rules are very basic. That is there are some basic rules. Behave yourself like you would in your real life. Be polite. Minors can also read these ads. At least those few who can still read.

The purpose of this free ads site is to save time and aggreviation and to allow both posting and searching of any kind of advertisements, announcements or personal texts without registration, pre-screening, censorship or going through a complicated web of classified categories and subcategories.

However, there are obvious restrictions of the sort you can easily imagine. These are ads either offering or soliciting controlled substances or annoucements, and texts involving some sort of ilicit activity. These ads and texts will be removed and, in some instances, may be reported. So, these are our basic rules.

Questions. Contact us directly.

Looking for B2B opportunities in a classified settings or searching for trade leads online?

Otherwise, post your ad or any text for free.

And let’s end this page with a poem by Lewis Caroll

Rules And Regulations

A short direction
To avoid dejection,
By variations
In occupations, 
And prolongation 
Of relaxation,
And combinations 
Of recreations, 
And disputation
On the state of the nation
In adaptation
To your station,
By invitations
To friends and relations,
By evitation
Of amputation,
By permutation
In conversation,
And deep reflection
You’ll avoid dejection.
Learn well your grammar,
And never stammer,
Write well and neatly,
And sing most sweetly,
Be enterprising ,
Love early rising,
Go walk of six miles,
Have ready quick smiles,
With lightsome laughter,
Soft flowing after.
Drink tea, not coffee;
Never eat toffy.
Eat bread with butter.

Once more, don’t stutter.
Don’t waste your money,
Abstain from honey.
Shut doors behind you,
(Don’t slam them, mind you.)
Drink beer, not porter.
Don’t enter the water
Till to swim you are able.
Sit close to the table.
Take care of a candle.
Shut a door by the handle,
Don’t push with your shoulder
Until you are older.
Lose not a button.
Refuse cold mutton.
Starve your canaries.
Believe in fairies.
If you are able,
Don’t have a stable
With any mangers.
Be rude to strangers.

Moral: Behave.

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